The people in the villages and towns of Sircilla District arose with curiosity, when they heard the wheels of a chariot rumbling through their areas. People stopped and first took notice of the message painted on the chariot.

It said:

Ramanujacharya – The most compassionate person, who stood atop a Temple Go:puram[1]and granted the most auspicious confidential maha manthram to all those interested, irrespective of their caste and creed.

Ramanujacharya – The upholder of religious duties and rules, who ensured proper celebrations of ‘Brahmotsavams’ by establishing the grand ‘ma:da veedhi[2]in Tirumala”

The message has immense significance. It gives a feeling of being part of a divine cause, without being castigated due to birth or creed. It brings a sense of unity and equality.

People of the Sircilla, quickly gathered and welcomed the grand “ratham”. They moved along with the chariot in a procession. They offered “mangala a:rathi” (a divine fire ritual) and submitted their obeisances to Sri Ramanujacharya.

The beautifully adorned divine chariot “Sri Bhagavad Ramanuja Pracha:ra Ratham” traveled through the district of Rajanna Sircilla, propagating the significance of Statue of Equality alongside giving the updates of all the upcoming events at Divyasaketham – Samshabad.

On April 21 2019 the Ratham made its way to Avvunur, Katkuru, Thangallapally, Chinnalingapur, Avantharam Mandals of Rajanna District; On April 19 2019, the Ratham journeyed through Ellareddy Pet mandal of Rajanna District.

Sircilla Sha:kha President Sriman Prabhakar, Ellareddy Shaka President Ravindergaru, Siricilla Dist Incharge Tuniki Srinivas garu, Sammaiah, Sriman Bhupathi Reddy, Smt Anjana Devi, Sathaiah, Sathyanarayana, Narahari went along the ratham to all the places for three days. The presence of the VIPs, encouraged more people to listen and participate in the procession.

[1]: Go:puram – A large pyramidal tower over the entrance gate to a temple precinct
[2]: Ma:da Veedhi – Rows of Streets built around the temple for temple processions with deities and other celebrations.

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