Warangal kids are in for a fortune as Vikas tarangini, Warangal chapter is gearing up for a summer camp, with a difference , that aims to bring a difference to the attitude of future citizens.

As part of the camp, which is conducted free of cost, the kids will be taught,

  • Stories on Compassion, Empathy, truthfulness, Sincerity
  • The need to be devoted to God and towards your parents and society
  • The importance of care towards all the creations of God
  • Slokas including Hayagriva stotram, Haryashtakam, all the Srimad Bhagavath Ramanuja Stotrams
  • Akshara Parabrahma Yogam from Bhagavatham
  • Yoga

The medium of teaching is Story telling. Research has proved that it’s an efficient way to imbibe good qualities in children.
The timings are from morning 8AM to 10AM.
The driving and key people behind are Dr.Sridevi, Smt. Umadevi, Smt Haravali and Smt. Sobha and Sriman Srinivas for Yoga

Please make the best use of this opportunity!

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