School, they say is the second home. Kids learn faster, and remember better all the good they learn at school. And being able to score the highest alone, does not fulfill an education. Education is not complete if it is devoid of the divine knowledge. And when we say divine knowledge, it again does not mean just memorizing the scriptures. So what is it then?
Alongside normal studies, students must learn to develop an understanding of our tradition, culture, history. When they realize the true purpose of life and ultimately its philosophical and spiritual aspects, they will begin to respond for a cause. They can handle problems better and can perform their duties with a sense of righteousness. This is real education.

Our Acharya Sri Sri Sri Triandi Srimmannarayan Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji has compiled an elaborate course-work consisting of 10 modules. The course-work “PRAJNA” aims at providing a child all that they need to develop a good knowledge of our history, scriptures, and prayers. Several vikasatarangini volunteers teach Prajna in their respective localities. But not much attempt was made to draw Prajna towards schools. And that is what was done by Sriman Viswanadh Ramanujadas at Gadi veedhi high school.
Prajna books were distributed to the students and the HM (Head Master) was given all details of the books. Copies of Prajna were lkept in the school library for reference. Sriman Viswanadh Ramanujadas gave a brief introduction of Sri Swamiji and explained HH missions and vision. He described the various programs conducted in the past several years. Sriman Viswanadh Ramanujadas encouraged the kids to learn Prajna and gave excerpts of several short stories from Prajna. He elaborated the need of Prajna and the negative impact caused due to abuse of latest technologies and gadgets!
The children showed lot of enthusiasm and excitement.

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