Lord Krishna is considered the most colorful character in the Indian Puranas. His mischievous nature as a child is the part every mother enjoys with his child. Everyone loves him in whatever form he is worshiped, be in the infant eating butter, the young boy playing the flute, with Radha – the love of his life, or in his avatar giving a discourse to Arjuna on the battlefield at Kurukshetra.

On the occasion of Krishna Janmastami Ameerpet VikasaTarangini celebrated grandly by starting the day with the Abhishekam to Lord Krishna, special poojas, Vishnusahasranama parayanam, Sri Krishnashtakam parayanam, Govindanama and offering prasadams. In the evening deities of Lord Krishna procession was taken on to the streets.

All the kids of the villages have participated in the cultural programs conducted on this occasion. Kids have participated in the Krishna fancy dress competition and prizes were distributed.Children have performed the act of “SriKrishna Leelalu”. All the ladies of the event have enjoyed their motherhood by singing Lullaby to the Krishna deity in the cradle.

The Yadavas of the village have participated in breaking of the  “Utti” which is the remarkable celebration during Krishnashtami. The whole village participation has made this event divine full.

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