In a family, we support each other because we have a common bond, parents or grandparents. When it comes to serving society, the feeling of oneness thins down. That is why, need on one hand and abundance on another hand co-exist in our society! The gap continues to remain despite many efforts from the government and several social service organizations.

Fact is that we all are parts of one big family, whose common connection is God Himself. When we serve/support a part of the society that is in need, we are in fact serving God and keeping the whole hale and healthy. If we don’t do our part, we are all going to suffer sometime in the future. So, it must be a natural attitude to support each other, not just human beings but any part of the nature and other beings.

If you take part in social service activities with a feeling of helping others, then it creates arrogance in the minds of the doer upon the beneficiary. But when the service is carried out as a duty and as a service to God, it creates a divine relationship between the doer and the beneficiary.

The whole universe is the body of the supreme God. Service to anything or anyone is therefore serving God.

Bhaktha Prahalada once said 

indu kaladu andu ledani sandehamu valadu, chakri sarvopagathundu

When there is an ache in the leg, why does the hand react and massage the leg to relieve the pain? Why does the eye shed tears? This is because each part of the body never thinks that it’s working for itself but is working for the single goal that is welfare of body.  

This concept was well understood by Sriman Balachander Garu, founder of Abhaya Foundation. Talking at the Bharatha Darshan-in search of Self, book release event of Sriman Balachander garu, HH Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji said that Sriman Balachander is doing a great service to the nation. Not stopping himself to one thing he is providing service to the society in many ways where ever there is need.

Vikasa Tarangini (VTSeva) works with the motto of “Serve all being as service to GOD”  (VT is working efficiently in areas of health and education. Educating blind  students for free with holistic value-based training, more than 11 lakh women screened as part of early detection of cancerous cells, etc)

It’s very inspiring to have Ms Tamizh Soundarajan, the Governor of Telangana inaugurate the book, Bharath Darshan.

– From the address of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Abhaya Foundation, Book Release Event
– 1 st March 2020

Abhaya Foundation Book Release Event 3

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