We all know that family inherits the wealth of the deceased. A person is successful when his family inherits his values. Arvind Peechara is a good example of the same. Arvind met with a tragic accident on July 1st, 2019 leaving the family in a shock. As he was an active volunteer for major part of his life, his family started Arvind Peechara memorial trust to continue his tradition and have been taking part in service activities through volunteering and philanthropy. As part of VT (VikasaTarangini) Covid-19 relief, Arvind’s family came forward to support 10,000 meals to daily wage migrant workers who got stranded due to lockdown. Here is a write up by Arvind’s daughters Sahana and Sahiti.

A couple of months ago, the coronavirus struck China and rapidly spread across the world. Stock markets crashed, the economy deteriorated, and everyone was put on lockdown. The world freaked out, especially India, because of its extremely large population. No one knew what to do and the people who were most affected were the migrant workers in India. They lost their only source of income and didn’t have a way to go home. While we stocked up on supplies, they lived in a constant state of uncertainty. While we stayed safe at home, they wondered how they can go back to their families

Arvind Peechara Foundation

“Thank you VT Seva.” Thank you to all the people who donated, to all the people who organized this, to all the people who volunteer for this cause and especially to any person who is selfless enough to understand the effect that this situation has on people and find it in their heart to care and be willing to help them.

– Sahana and Sahiti,
on behalf of Arvind Peechara Foundation

This is when the Arvind Peechara Foundation stepped in and did their part in serving the world. We started a donation among our family and friends in order to give meals to these migrant workers. This was in honor of our dad, Arvind Peechara, to support these people. This kind of response from the Arvind Peechara Foundation directly aligned with our dad’s values. He would always serve those in need.He was an active volunteer for many years and the Arvind Peechara Foundation made this kind gesture in his name. Our family collected 360,000 rupees in India and $2000 in US for this cause and contributed the money to VT Seva to serve migrant workers in India. VT Seva India was able to feed 10,000 people with this money. VT Seva stood up when the corona virus struck us all down and started to help others stand up as well. The VT Seva volunteers stood together as a team determined to support others and I think that these people are the superheroes of the modern world.

Vikas Tarangini India Out reach – COVID 19 Services

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