With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting families hard and turning life upside down, Frontline workers are working hard in keeping everyone safe. It is our responsibility to care about the frontline warriors and workers.

Upon the request of the Tadepalli Municipal commissioner Jeeyar Education Trust along with the Vikasa Tarangini committee members came forward and has distributed 10 days worth of supply of dry groceries (like Rice, Pulses, sugar, snacks, gloves, sanitizers, PPE kits) to 650 members including Municipal workers, Asha covid testing workers, and Needy starving with hunger, in the presence of the Tadepalli Municipal Commissioner Niranjana Reddy and Deputy Commissioner Ravi Chandra Reddy

JET has also distributed the Snacks, PPE Kits, Gloves, masks, and Sanitizers to the frontline  Police team to show their support and gratitude for all the service they are providing during this pandemic while trying to keep society safe.

Many such food distribution services for the stranded traveler and the frontline workers all over Andhra Pradesh are been done by the Jeeyar Education trust during the pandemic.

These services will be continued where ever needy during this pandemic and hoping this disaster to end soon.

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