When social workers are active in a community, it tends to have a positive impact on health statistics. This brings people together and they think beyond normal services. Communities identify their own solutions.

Mahila Arogya Vikas is creating such a great impact on the communities inspiring Women to care about their health with their Breast cancer awareness camps.Recently MAV team has succeeded in conducting Cancer awareness camps at multiple locations in the West Godavari district.On the 17th of July, camps were conducted from dawn to dusk one after the other, educating 200 women from multiple villages.

  • Tanuka pattanam by Sriman Srikar and Divya ji where 5o women attended.
  • Jittuga Village by Srimati Tripura Sundari and Sriman Dr. Addala Satish where 25 Women attended
  • Aravalli Village by Sriman SriRama Reddy where 40 Women attended
  • Bhimavaram by Sriman Erramki Narayana Murthy and Srimati Tulasamma where 80 women attended

MAV leaders Sriman Ravinder and Srimati Madhavi took the time to give a detailed explanation of the benefits and impact of these camps and motivated everyone to participate.

Thanks to our Tadepalli gudem VT coordinators Sriman PRK Kumar and Srimati P. Radha,

Sriman P.Venkateshwara Rao and Srimati P.Vasavi Datta for supporting the day with their service.

Women Cancer Awareness camps in West Godavari4
Women Cancer Awareness camps in West Godavari2
Women Cancer Awareness camps in West Godavari4

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