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1 in 9 people in world have no access to clean drinking water. Nearly 1 out of 5 children under age 5 in world dies due to water borne diseases. In Indian villages, clean drinking water is a big problem. They depend on lakes, ponds,wells and bore wells. During summer season, they dry up and people face lot of hardships for drinking water. The villagers face health problems due to unclean drinking water.Vikasa Tarangini is striving hard to help them out in this regard by providing clean drinking water to villagers.

11 Mineral plants are set up in villages which are catering to the needs of 40+ villages providing them with clean drinking water.

Chalivendrams – Drinking water stalls are setup in summer using earthen pots in busy area supplying clean cool drinking water to help commuters to stay away from dehydration.Even in the foreign land in Tanzania, Africa, 3 water retention systems were installed.

In Dhavanagiri, a remote place, a chalivendram, drinking stall was inaugurated few years ago in summer near bus stand. Fresh, cool buttermilk was served free to everyone as a service. It was the first ever and unique stall which captured the attention of everyone. Press reporters came and published news about it. Everyday a VIP came and inaugurated the stall for that day. Butter churned from that buttermilk was given as a momento to the sponsors. Even today, that stall is run by Vikasa Tarangini as a service.

RO plants
Drinking Water Stalls
Water distributed in gallons
People benefited

Water Plants

Panderu, Vishakhapatnam – 3 Water Plants

Allampally, Adilabad – 1 Plant

Birsaipeta, Adilabad – 1 Plant

Karimnagar, Karimnagar – 1 Plant

Gollapalem, W. Godavari – 1 Plant

Sitanagaram, Guntur – 1 Plant

Potepalli – 1 Plant

Velichala, RR Dist – 1 Plant

If you would like to arrange a fund raising event for a water plant in any area, please contact us at [email protected]

It costs Rs. 2.5 lakh to construct a plant. If you would like to sponsor a water plant in any area please contact us at [email protected]

To use existing stalls effectively we need funds to maintain water stalls. To maintain the plant on an average it costs about Rs. 20,000+ per year.

If you would like to adopt a water plant, please contact us at [email protected]

It costs 15,000 a day to serve cool jaggery water or buttermilk everyday. If you would like to fund for summer water stalls in any area, please contact us at [email protected]

Mineral Water Plant Unit VT Donation Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

What we do?

Water is the life source. Vikasa Tarangini took up the initiative to provide drinking water in remote areas. As part of the project, VT is installing Reverse Osmosis Water Plants, setting up  Drinking Water Stalls in various  villages to supply clean water.

Mineral drinking water plant Vikasa Tarangini

Our Achievements:

We have installed water tanks at villages Kodigudem, G.Kothapalli, E.Gyadavalli, Rallakunta, Kommari & Dorasanipalli

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