Man is spoiling nature, exploiting its resources, polluting the atmosphere and causing the suffering of many living beings. This behavior causes imbalances in nature, resulting in the occurrences of natural disasters. When such calamities occur, it results in the loss of the lives of all living beings.


People loose their comfort of their lives and really need some help during such difficult times. Vikasa Tarangini provides  services during calamities. Our  volunteers form a quick response team, and are among the first people in the disaster affected area.


Vikasa Tarangini provides different services including provision of clothes, food, emergency and routine medical help, supplying daily food rations, creating new means for a livelihood, constructing housing colonies, building schools, etc.
With natural disasters frequenting all over the world, Vikasa Tarangini initiated programs to train people to help others in such adverse situations. The organization trained more than 200,000 volunteers in India as a ‘quick response team’ to be readily available to serve the victims of natural calamities.


Vikasa Tarangini was actively involved during Hud Hud cyclone effect and the Gujarat Earthquakes by building several houses and colonies (neighborhoods). It also provided housing for Konaseema Cyclone and Tsunami Flood victims. Vikasa Tarangini also donated boats for fishermen to provide livelihood for their families.
Vikasa Tarangini conducted several Tsunami Relief Activities in all the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. HH Sri Swamiji visited the Tsunami affected places and  also distributed fishing nets, boats, repaired their damaged boat motors (engines) and  distributed  household utensils, and clothes lost in  Tsunami.  Free Medical Care was also provided to the victims and their families.

Relief Activities Snapshot

Cyclone Relief Activities

On 6-11-1996, a big cyclone hit Konasema.
Extended immediate relief activities, distribution of food grains, beddings, constructed 83 help centers

Earthquake Relief Activities

Earthquake hit Gujarat on 26th Jan, 2001
Constructed 88 pucca houses in Vallabhapur
Constructed Rama, Durga temples, community halls, gosala, birds cages
Handed over the houses in presence of Minister Sriman Amith Shah on 20-4-2003

 Earthquake Relief Activities in Nepal

For temporary shelter distributed 6000 tents, 5000 bedsheets, food materials
Will build a permanent school using 1.5 crores

Tsunami Relief Activities

Distributed food materials
Constructed 50 pucca houses, 3 Mathsya Narayana Temples
Distributed 6 boats
Repaired boats motors of fishermen in Nellore, Ongole
Constructed Jeeyar Gurukulam School in Prakasam
Japan Tsunami – Relief Support
11,00,000 rupees donated for Support