why check up

10 lakh women are identified with cervical cancer every year. Yearly 1 lakh people die because of cervical cancer. Because of shyness and a social taboo, women do not come forward with their problems. Thereby, their problems are aggravated and leading to irrevocable health conditions. To bring awareness and save women, Vikasa Tarangini has taken up the unique service of educating and serving women. Vikasa Tarangini is the only organization doing this unique service using VIA tests recommended by Indian Medical Council and WHO to identify infections and abnormal growths in women.

Married women are prone to vaginal infections. If neglected, they tend to become cancerous. It is highly recommended that women should go for a physical checkup yearly once after marriage and once in 6 months after crossing 40 years. Pap Smear test is the diagnostic test conducted in hospitals to rule out infections in women. It costs anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 to do a test. The expenses incurred for medications are not included in the tests. Besides it takes 2 to 3 days to get the results.

Vikasa Tarangini specializes in Visual Inspection Using Acetic Acid (VIA). Indian Medical Council and World Health Organization (WHO) have accepted these tests as equal to Pap-smear in diagnosing the infections.



I am K. Sarada Narasimhacharyulu hailing from Vijayawada. I am suffering from severe back pain since 2 years. I took treatment from big doctors but all in vain. One day Smt. Madhavi and Ravindra couple came to my house. They advised me to visit the camp but I told them that I was afraid and besides I was allright and healthy. They still insisted me that there is nothing wrong in taking the medical tests and it was the wish of Sri Swamiji that all the volunteers should avail the facility. At last, I agreed and the conclusion was that I had the chances of utirine cancer and it should be operated. Now I am 100% alright and thanked Swamiji for taking the special interest and promoting Arogya Vikas services.

Outside we spend thousands of rupees for the same tests but here it is done for free. For rescuing us from such fatal diseases only HH Swamiji started such medical camps. My special thanks to VT Services.

K. Sarada Narasimhacharyulu
I am Mandapati Chandrika aged 27 years. I studied M.Sc. Impressed by my friend Bharathi Vizianagaram services, I too decided to give my best services. Convenor Smt. Sakunthala gave us nice training. I attended the inaugural funcion of calposcope by HH Swamiji. I had a keen interest to learn laptop for preparing and recording patients’report. Sri Chandrashekar demonstrated the operation of Calposcope. Dr. M. Sudha Kumari is training us to conduct the VIA tests. It is really thrilling to survey from door to door and educate them and ask them to avail the services free of cost. I and my family have a strong desire to take part in VT Sevas. I feel priviledged.
Volunteering Experience
My name is Amani aged 35 years. I unexpectedly attended the medical camp at Miryalaguda Housing Board colony. Arogya Vikas volunteers explained the necessity to undergo medical check up once in a year. So I took the screening test. They showed me th e uterus entrance had infection. I met the doctor who suggested for operation and guided me to Basavatharakam Cancer hospital. Cancer was in the primary stage and it was removed. Now I am happy and healthy. My sincere gratitude to Swamiji and Vikasa Tarangine. I request all ladies to undergo screening and save your family and society.
My name is Srinivas. My mother Smt. Pramila is 52 years old. On 25-2-2014 cancer in 2nd stage was detected in the Arogya Vikas camp. She was directed to Basavatharakam and chemo theraphy was advised annually and the treatment was done.I owe life long to gurudev Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for mathrudanam was done to me. Now my mother is healthy and is doing domestic chores.
My name is Upplapati Subba Lakshmi. I reside in Vijaya Durga Nagar in Vijayawada. One day, VT volunteers came to our hous e and announced about the camp and motivated to avail the opportunity. So I went to the camp. They detected a lump in the breast. They guided me to NRI hospital. A biopsy was done and they told that I had cancer in first stage. I took treatment and now I am happy and healthy. My heart felt gratitude to HH Swamiji and the team.
Upplapati Subba Lakshmi
I am Sobha Reddy, 55 years old. First I went to JIMS to take training for Mahila Arogya Vikas. First, we took screeing test in which I was directed for biopsy. I went to the doctor in my area. She asked me as to how it was detected. I explained the functions of Arogya Vikas and how it was started by HH Sri Swamiji. Cancer was in the primary stage in uteur. Now I am out of danger. Thats how many ladies and their families were saved from the danger. I am one among the many survivors. Heart felt gratitude to Sri Chinna Jeeyar swamiji
Sobha Reddy
I came to the Vikasa Tarangini Women Health Care camp and was suggested for further tests. Initially, I went to Guntur Hospital and my uterus was removed. When I went for further check up- the doctor suspected cancer and referred me to Basava Tharaka hospital. After further tests, I was operated again. All the costs were taken care by Arogya Sri scheme which was suggested by Vikasa Tarangini Mahila Arogya Sakha. Thanks to Vikasa Tarangini for all the help.
Kalluri Aamani
Now-a-days the medical facilities have become very costly and ladies are neglecting their health problems. The medical staff of the Women Health Care Camp are educating the women of health problems and helping them. Let us all utilize their services.
I am very grateful to our Guruji for conducting this Medical Camp. It is really a boon for the middle class and lower middle class women. The way they are clearing our doubts and treating us is commendable. Their concern and efficiency are great. The way they explained to us showing our tests is good. I am very happy. My hearty respects to Guruji for helping us.
M. Saraswathi
I am very grateful to the doctor for conducting the free Medical Camp for screening Uterine Cancer in women. People lack the knowledge and understanding of cancer. Women need to take the screening test from time to time. Medical service is the best service and woman’s health plays an important part in the family.
Thank you.
Free Medical Camp is a great opportunity for lower income groups. The doctor and staff are very kind and patient in taking our tests, explaining the problems and treating us. They are giving us free medicines also. I am very grateful to Swamiji for providing us this facility.
J.L. Sujatha
Such camps are an essential need of the day in this busy schedule of life, when women’s health is neglected, as these problems of uterus are not an emergency. When detected the situation goes beyond control. Thank you very much for the medical committee for supporting and enhancing awareness in the community.