Vikasa Tarangini Seva conducted Earth Day Event all over the world to bring awareness about environmental protection.

The principle objective and activity of Vikasa Tarangini Seva with respect to environment protection is:

1. Sap Planting and Protection.
2. Campaigning minimal usage of plastic and avoid plastic bags.
3. Use Natural manures in the crops instead of specialized chemicals.
4. Limit the usage of hybrid varieties and encourage to use only natural varieties.
5. Not to convert fertile agricultural lands into aqua culture ponds for commercial benefits that spoil the Earth for several years not to have any crop.
6. Limited use of earth extracts, encouraging use of natural resource like sunlight, wind energy, bio-gas, solar energy.
7. Protecting non-productive animals by not killing them.
8. Promoting environmental friendly projects and other community programs.

Vikasa Tarangini Seva is implementing and reminding people of the need for continuing care and protection of environment for generations to come…

Sri Swamiji conducts several talks to spread the message of environmental protection. Swamiji’s important message to all is:

Humans are mostly responsible for creating lot of pollution causing environmental hazards. Fossil fuels like gas oil and coal are burned everyday in machines and factories for human needs causing the formation of poisonous gases. Thus, humans are responsible for polluting water with industrial and nuclear waste.
Humans should try to live in tune with nature.