Vikasatharangini volunteers distributing free clothes to the poor and needy on
Oct 23 2008 in Suryapeta, as part of service activities conducted by the organization regularly.

Vikasatharangini volunteers of Suryapeta, Nalgonda District conducted a ‘Free Clothes Distribution’ program
on Oct 23 2008. Di:pa:vali – “Festival of Lights” was going to be celebrated in Bharat on Oct 28 and people enjoy the day by wearing new clothes and burning fireworks. Vikasatarangini intended to bring such a joy even to the poor community of Suryapet by distributing free new clothes to them on this occasion. Di:pa:vali also happens to be the Birthday (Thirunakshathram) of Sri Swamiji.

About 400 women, 100 men and 6 handicapped children from the poor community of Suryapeta have been donated free clothes. Vikasa Tarangini offered food and candies too to them. For about a week, prior to the event, Vikasa Tarangini travelled into every street of the town, identified the low socio economic, and provided identity cards to them.

Chief guest, Sriman MoriShetty who is the President of Rice Miller’s Association, spoke on the occasion and commended Vikasatarangini for rendering several service activities in the town. He appreciated the volunteers for translating their love towards Sri Swamiji into action, by working for the good of the society. Sriman Mori Shetty vowed to assist the Vikasa Tarangini whenever required.

The volunteers let know the public that they will be conducting such social welfare activities regularly every year and encouraged everyone to participate in serving the community.

– The chief participants of the program had been: Sriman T.S.V Satya Narayana, Sriman Gopigani Venudhar, Sriman Ummenthala GopalaRao, Sriman Oruganti Somanna, Sriman Mahankali Rangayya, Sriman Kandimalla Sankar, Sriman Kandagatla Krishna Murthy and several Women Volunteers.

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