My name is P. Tirupatamma and I’m 55 Years old. I was treated in a Free Women Health care camp on 26 th September,2014 in Jeeyar Matt at Bhadrachalam. Although it has been 4 years after the removal of my uterus, I went for the check up, because it is a free medical camp. As I do daily labour in the field, I cannot afford treatment outside because of my poor financial background. When I got tested in this free camp,  they have a doubt and so they conducted remaining tests at free of cost. Dr. Jaya Bharati suggested me of getting treated in Hyderabad Cancer hospital immediately. I’m now getting Treatment in Hyderabad. Because of Sri Swamiji’s grace, I am very Healthy now. As my uterus is removed, I was in a thought that there will be no problem for me so far and I’m the live example for being having even more problems even after the removal of uterus. I am very grateful for Jeeyar Matam because of which I was treated like this. I advise all woman to get check ups yearly once in screening tests so as to reduce the problem in early stages itself and if the problem gets complicated, the suffering becomes severe . On the behalf of all women, I am really grateful to Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and my lots of dasohams to the lotus feet of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji especially for conducting these free medical camps.