Columbia, South Carolina has been devastated with the recent floods caused by the Hurricane Joaquin. They are calling this as “1000 years Flood“.  Both Red Cross & FEMA Organizations are soliciting funds to help with thousands of flood victims with basic necessities like water & meals. Vikasa Tarangini Seva is extending its services to help the victims.
Message from CEO Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
It is really painful to know about “1000 years Flood”. We have seen a few pics of it just now after seeing this mail and getting the information about it. Pain is painful anywhere and to anybody. Let us raise to the occasion and do something to those bhagavad bandhus who are in real need. As a token of our initial service, let us send $10,000 to the proper authority for use. Let us inform to all our bandhus to come forward in lending their generous hand. 

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