Vikasatarangini transferred  funds  to Orphanage in Coimbatore on 31/01/16.

Developmental works are  going on in full swing at UPF .Vikasatarangini offered 25 lakhs INR  to Orphanage, so far they have spent 20 lakhs rupees on the following:
1) An electrical generator with 15 kva capacity was installed to support the scarcity of power in the orphanage. Below is the photo of the genset.
2) An overhead water tank with a capacity of 48,000 liters was built above the elementary school building inside the UPF premises to meet the needs of the inmates.
3) Solar panels with 240 watts of power capacity have been laid on top of the school building for electrifying the pathways with LED lights inside the premises.

4) For the upgradation of kitchen, chappathi machine, trolleys, vegetable baskets movable shelves for keeping things etc have been purchased whose photos can be seen below.

5) Outer compound walls have been built on the northern and eastern sides of the orphanage with cement blocks.

The above works have been done and the plumbing and installation of an electric motor pumpset for drawing water from the tank are being carried out. Apart from this, there is a balance amount around 5 lakh rupees with the UPF which has been deposited in the bank and interest from that amount is used for improving the quality of food served in the orphanage.


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