Rajam , Srikakulam Dist:

On the advice of Chinna Jeeyar Swamy, a call for donating money to Jawans Welfare instead of spending it on crackers for Diwali, Mr Ramamana Murty along with Sriman A Nageswara Reddy, G M Sankili Sugar factory donated Rs. 20000 to the Dist. Collector Sriman Lakshminarayana.

Sriman Ashok Gajapati raju, Central Minister visited the office of Vikasa Tarangini and was briefed about the various activities by Sriman Ramanamurthy. He was also informed about Statue of Equality. Sriman Gajapati raju was impressed by the various activities like digital school , yoga camps, Prajna and other sports. He distributed saplings along with wire mesh to protect them. He appreciated the efforts made by Vikasa Tarangini.

On the eve of Ramanuja Sahashrabdi, speeches on Equality were arranged for 15 days at different places . After 15 days , all the members were taken to Netra Vidyalyam – a school for the blind at Varija, Vizag. 65 members from Kassa veedhi , Rajam visited the Netra Vidyalayam school and donated Rs. 43,000 and 7 bags of rice. Sri Jada Kondal Rao , Sri T T V Ramanamurthy, Sri P Govinda Rao and Sri Bhargava Ram gave lecture on Bhagavad Gita.