Humble salutations to the Lotus feet of sri swamiji,

Happy Pongal Swamiji.

As a part of Danurmasam on 17-12-2016 we performed Godha, Lakshmi Naryana puja. On this occasion Smt. Aruna preached the life history of Ramanujacharya. This event took place at Mr. P.S.N.Raju ‘s house, at Visalakshi Nagar, Visakhapatnam. Around three hundred devotes attended this event.

Astothara puja was performed and Ramanujula Vaibhavam was preached by Smt. Aruna at Rajula Thalavalasa, Madhurawada, Nagara palem and Sagar Nagar. The other people who helped in organizing these events are Smt. Rupa, Sri.Raghu and Sri. Mohan Rao.

Awareness program on donating of organs was organized On December 31st at Visakhapatnam Convention hall in Madhurawada. It was followed by a march. This program was graced by Sri. Varma, Smt.Radha, Madhurawada Police Circle Inspector Sri. Roshi Reddy, Sri.M.S.S.R.Varma & Sri. P.S.N.Raju. The importance of donation of organs was explained. This program was successfully organized with the help of Sri. Prasad Raju, Smt. Devi, Sri.Raghu and Sri. Ranga Raju. After this program 25 people voluntarily came forward to donate organs.

On the occasion of Getha Jayanthi In Varija Asharam, Hayagriva temple, all the eighteen adhyayams of Bagavath Geetha were read together by 300 devotes. All the devotes performed Astothara puja . Mr. Tharaka Ramarao taught the devotes Kirthanas on Srimath Bagavath Ramanujulu.

Mr. Tharaka Ramarao taught Kirthanas of Srimath Ramanuja at various places as mentioned below.

01-01-201711.00 A.MNethra Vidyalayam, Varija
02-01-201711.00 A.MNaidu Thota (At Ms.Rama Sudha house)
02-01-20174.00    P.MGajuwaka
03-01-2017Morning session & Afternoon sessionAnakapalli
04-01-2017Morning session & Afternoon sessionAnakapalli


Maripalem Vikas Tharangini organized an event on the occasion of Mukoti Ekadhasi on 08-01-2017.  The 18 chapters of Bhagavadgita were read together by all the devotees.


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