Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinnajeeyar Swamiji established Jeeyar Gurukulam (Tribal school) in 2004 in Allampally village, Adilabad Dist,. Since then, free education, boarding and lodging is being provided to hundreds of students. Many have become successful and have procured good jobs in government and private sectors with their strong foundation. This academic year 2016-2017, 35 students attended the 10th SSC examination and 35 students passed with 1st class marks.Two students got top marks Bhoomaraju – 9.5, Shivakumar – 9.2. From Beersaipet Tribal school 16 students attended the SSC exam and 12 students passed with 1st class marks. The school committee is coming up with a program to ensure 100% results in Beersaipeta school too. HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji gave mangalasasanams to the staff for their sincere and tireless efforts in educating the students in the remote area. HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji blessed the students to have a bright future.

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