Members of Vikasatarangini – Gudimalkapur conducted ‘Chalivendram’ And Summer Camps in Gudimalkapur Suburb in Hyderabad.

Several kids participated in the Summer Camps conducted by Vikasatarangini. Their sincere prayers and sloka recitations is really commendable. ,The kids also learn about our Vedic culture and its importance as part of PrajnaSummer Camps.

The main purpose of Prajna is to “Translate Knowledge into Actions”. The kids absolutely fulfilled the mission of Prajna, by enthusiastically participating in “Chalivendram” service activity, conducted by Vikasatarangini.
Chalivendram is a service where free Water Kiosks are installed in several places, to provide cool water (mostly in huge mud pots) to passersby and the needy in the hot months of April & May.

Lets draw inspiration from these lovely kids, who lead the way by practicing to pray and serve, thus truly achieving Sri Swamiji’s message of “Serve All Beings as Service to God”

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