Children who are academically brilliant, have an opportunity to obtain good positions in the governance and administration of the state/country in their future. When provided with such responsibilities, it is important to be guided with the right knowledge.

It is for this purpose, VikasataranginiRajam Andhra Pradesh, decided to organize a felicitation program in ZPHS Bodam Rajam, for the IIT students who got good ranks and placements in Delhi, Mumbai, Rurkee, and Chennai.

The Vikasatarangini President TTV Ramanamurthy & The Municipal Commissioner B.Ramu, elucidated the importance of Vikasatarangini and its activities across the globe. They explained the purpose of education and the need for good-thinking individuals in a society.

The IIT rankers who received the honour are:

Bandaru Sai Manoj
Kotta Prema Srujan
VVS Ganesh Chandra,
Botcha Ritesh Sadwik
Jallepalli Tarun
Kotta Suraj

The students were very glad to know about Vikasatarangini . They pledged their support for the cause and offered part of their first salary to Vikasatarangini .

The Wealth of a nation is not so much in its economical and natural resources but it lies more in the quality of the wealth of its children!

Recognizing the importance of personality development for children, Sri Swamiji has started a Program called “Prajna” . You can learn more about Prajna