This year 2017, is celebrated as the year of Statue of Equality (Sri Ramanuja Sahasra:bdhi) commemorating the Great Acharya Sri Ramanuja’s 1000th Year. Our JIVA Ashram is vibrant with activities and programs related to this massive project. Several volunteers & donors through out the world have been continuously supporting Sri Swamiji’s mission for building a “Statue of Equality” near JIVA, Samshabad Telangana.

And as part of this on-going project, members and participants of Warangal Vikasatarangini donated several groceries on Guru Purnima July 2017. The items were worth nearly 4,20,000/- (4,18,400 to be precise) with:

100 Quintals Rice
6 Quintals Wheat Rava
3 Quintals Peanuts
2 Quintals Pulses
1 Quintal Wheat Flour

The members of the Vikasatarangini and all the others who participated in this contribution feel very blessed to have offered their services to Sri Swamiji and His mission.

“Serving the Society and Upholding our Culture”, without forgetting the presence of the Supreme Being, and performing these services “as” HIS Se:va, is one of the important principles taught by our great A:cha:ryas.

You too can participate in such service activities in your own way.

Click Here, to learn more about the project, the idea behind it, the concept and the progress so far.