Vikasa Tarangini Anaparthi and RAISING HANDS FOR HOPE – NGO, conducted a charity event on the occassion of Sri Swamiji’s Birthday – 20/10/2017

They went to Pushkaramata Day Care, Anaparthi Old Age Home and donated generously. They distributed clothes, fruits, biscuits to them.

And in the evening, all the volunteers assembled in a temple and celebrated Acharya’s Birthday by performing Puja and partaking the prasa:dam

When it is a Birthday celebration of our beloved ones, we generally like to keep them happy and do all that can make them smile and laugh. At least for a day.

This is whatVikasa Tarangini Anaparthi voluteers did on 10th October 2017. Sri Swamiji is happier and all smiling, when HH knows that His followers have taken His mission forward: “Serve All Beings as Service to God”

The philosophy here is:

Righteous worldly activities are not a hindrance for God Realization. They should not be renounced. The thought of “doing them as HIS service” makes the action pure and transcendental.

– Said Sri Swamiji in several of His Speeches.

So lets follow it always. Lets not separate our spiritual activities from the materialistic world to reach and Realize God, instead we need to do the worldly duties and services “as a service unto God”

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