On 21st November Vikasatarangini Salur conducted Pragna program Kottaki Govt High School. Viswanadham explained about different aspects values about parents, stress studies. School head master and teacher and 250 students participated.

VT Salur conducted Prajna program in Kottaki Govt High School. Sriman Vishwanadham garu talked about several moral aspects of life. He spoke convincingly about how one must talk to others, how to develop gratitude, goodness and lead a happy life without stress. He explained the values one must inculcate as students and even as parents.

Sriman Vishwanadham garu has actually touched some very topics recounted in our scriptures several times. Communication, gratitude (kruthagnatha) and friendship.
Higher modules of Prajna elaborate these topics excellently. Children can learn a lot from lessons like “Power of Knowledge (Jna:nam)” and “Gratitude (Kruthagnatha)”, “Power of speec” and many other such similar lessons. Prajna chapters are picked from our very scriptures like Srimad Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita.

Sri Swamiji explained wonderfully the several aspects of friendship, speech and gratitude with examples from Ramayana, and specifically about Hanuman.
Hanuman ? You may be wondering. How can anyone learn anything about the power of speech, knowledge and gratitude from Hanuman ?
Are you interested in knowing more ? Listen to Sri Swamiji’s lectures. Listen, and know more about our dear Hanuman and His great qualities.