0n 28th Dec.2017, a follow up camp was conducted and over 38 patients were tested.
Some of the patients were listed for a re-checkup of cancer in Camp No.37

The follow up camp on 28th december had a total of 38 patients and of them , 6 were from previous diagnosis. They all tested normal .
There were some 18 patients referred by H.C (Hospital). Of them 10 were past patients. 9 of these 10, were treated and cured.
So a total 15 patients were cured in the follow up camp.

New Camps:

The 37th camp was organised in Kavre District by JET Nepal, Bharath and JET /VT Inc. of USA.
Similarly 38th to 44th Camps were successfully held in the various districts between 28th Dec 2017 to 5th Jan 2018.

The camps were registered by the District Vice Mayor Mrs. Nirmala Shai. She additionally, managed the transportation and volunteers services .
The camps successfully ended with cordial participation of health personals of every village of the district.

Below is a quick summary sheet of the camps:

Total Patients :- 444
VIA Done :- 386
Follow Up :- 92 (Cervicitis 57, Polyps- 12, Prolaps 16, O.v – Bleeding 6 ,Cx.cyst -1, VIA (+)ve – 0)

This follow up camp will be held jointly after 3 month.

In this District,
130 women were found affected and among them 15 patients have been cured.

Altogether 577 women benefited by JET Nepal, Bharath and JET /VT Inc.of USA.

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