On the International Cancer Day (4th Feb 2018), VikasaTarangini– Sapthagiri Colony conducted Cancer Awareness & General Health Camp at Sapthagiri Colony ,Kondanda Ramalayam Karimnagar in co-operation with CAIMS.

The camps were sponsored by Chalmeda Anand Rao Hospitals, Karimnagar.

Kondanda Ramalayam temple, sponsored Tadiya:ra:dhana for the camp staff.
(Tadiya:ra:dhana is a service, where food is first offered to God and then served to the devotees)

Sriman Srihari Reddy (Tahasildar), Kavitha Buchi Reddy (Corporator), Ramesh Reddy (Corporator), A V Ramana(Corporator) and several other members attended the camp.

The doctors and the staff of CAIMS were felicitated with shields and shawls from Kodanda Ramalayam.
The below is the summary sheet of the camp
Total individuals who attended the camp: 289
Female – 168
Male – 121
Patients who were test +Ve for VIA Test: 2
Patients who were tested for Menstruation: 06
Patients who underwent Hysterectomy: 22