Vikasatarangini Warangal volunteers and members conducted Women’s Health Care Camp (Mahila A:ro:gya Sibiram) in “Choullapalli” village Warangal Dist, on 21st Feb 2018 at Satya hospital Warangal – with the cooperation of Dr.Veena MD, the Village Heads and Athmakur VT members.

These camps mainly focus on conducting Cancer-Awareness programs along with cancer-related tests and diagnosis, followed by free treatments by skilled surgeons.

Women from rural areas hesitate to undergo tests/diagnosis for cancer, for the fear of treatment expenditures in case of +ve results.
Sri Swamiji, established these health-camps to perform free treatment procedures & surgeries for the women-patients with the support of magnanimous donors and doctors who dedicate their time and money for the welfare of the community.

Besides, free health-aid, villagers are encouraged to participate in free lectures by highly skilled medical-professionals, who impart education on general health and provide awareness on cancer and its related diseases.

The below is the summary of the tests from the camp:

VIA tests were done on 118 ladies.
Repeat VIA test has to be done for 23 women.