Cyclone Thitli mangled Palasa District in Srikakulam, bringing life to stand still.The cyclone uprooted many trees, electric poles and houses.

Jeeyar team of Volunteers Usha Garu,Varma Garu, Rishi Garu and Shyamala Garu started from Mandasa Vasudeva temple in Srikakulam and visited nearby remote villages for providing help to the victims of the Thitli cyclone.

Complete darkness in the early hours of Thursday ,11 oct’18 and heavy gales with the speed of 120km/hr has caused tension among the people. The whole village had palm leaved-roof houses which were devastated by the cyclone. Everyone was shivering of cold. Distribution of Blankets and biscuits by the Vikasa Tarangini team have brought sparkle in the villagers eyes who were waiting for the help to survive from cold weather. People were so underdeveloped and uneducated.

VikasaTarangini along with the support of Arya Vysya ladies in Srikakulam have distributed rice, groceries, steel utensils and old clothes of about 60 bags to the nearby villages. Later fishermen’s community of Battigalluru panchayat has about 180 houses damaged which need to be aided. 190 blankets of woth Rs24,000/- were distributed to these people as it is winter.

VT Seva volunteers reached a few other Girijans and Ponthara community people and provided kits of household items like blankets,rice etc to all the people irrespective of adult and children. Villagers were very excited with the kits. Looking at the VT banner they said that they knew Jeeyar Swamy by the name Sreeman Narayana Swamy from his past visits he made.

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