On the eve of Acharya Tirunakshtram, the VT Seva have conducted Two free veterinary camps on 13th&15th November 2018 at Zafargadh & Bheemadevarpalle dist Warangal. This was conducted in cooperation with Dr.M.Vindhya, Dr.Bikshapathi DVAHO, Dr.Narasaiah AD, DR.E.Malathi, DR.Y.Radhakishan AD, DR.Sp Reddy AD, DR.RanadheerReddy,DR.A.Rajesh, DR.E.Nissi, Paramedical staff & Vikasa Tarangini volunteers. The no. of Animals treated were about 310 in both the camps and medicines were distributed accordingly.

A decision was made to conduct a Mega Medical camp on 26th November 2018, for which the team is hoping all would be best with blessings from Swamiji.

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