BhagawadGeeta Competition at Karimnagar:

Vikasa Tarangini Karimnagar conducted BhagawadGeeta competition on the occasion of Geetha Jayanthi on 18th Dec’2018 at Veda Bhavan Karimnagar.
Competitions were conducted in various areas of

  • Sloka patanam
  • Drawing
  • Quiz
  • Speech

Volunteers have distributed BhagvadGeeta Books in all the schools to learn 5th adyayanam- Karma Sankya Yogaha for the competition a month ago.

Coin boxes were also distributed to the students to fund-raise for the maintenance of Veda Bhavan.
Bhagawad Geetha books were sponsored by Ch.Vijaya Ayodhya Rama Rao garu and the whole program , thadhiyaradhan was sponsored by K.Goutham Rao garu.

Students have raised a total amount of rs 13338/-. Geeta Jayanthi program was concluded by distributing the prizes to the winners and participation certificate to all.

BhagawadGeeta Competition at Rajam:

Rajam vikasatarangini chapter also conducted BHAGWAD GEETA COMPETITION ON 8th chapter in nearby 5 mandals. Large number of students have participated the competition. Prizes were distributed to private and government school children separately.

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