Amrutha Swathi fondly called as Amma by her father lived her life always smiling and being compassionate. At the age of 29 years, she physically left this world in a sudden manner on Dec 27th. She was diagnosed with Heart Palpitations problem 6 years ago, which had a risk factor of one in thousands and was considered harmless. Swathi became that one leaving her 5 year old dearest son Shanthan, parents – Varija and Srinivas, husband – Venkat, brother – Gopi and her loving big family heartbroken.

Swathi was very beautiful inside and out. Her contagious smile, strong family values and helping nature won many hearts. None of the immediate family members knew about her help to many people who turned out in last couple of days sharing about the money, gifts and moral support she gave them. She touched the lives of orphans, a watchman’s family, a sweeper, priests, small businessmen and many of her classmates and family members to name a few with her kind gestures.

In immortal love of Swathi, family decided to extend the same Seva to feed 100 underprivileged children(Visually Challenged and Tribal Children) for 1 year living as Amma, as called by her father and son with love. The family members responded generously and we were able to raise funds and exceeded the goal to double the impact “. They are doing it through VT Seva and its founder and inspirer HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji blessed the initiative.

Family is performing Paramapadotsavam for Swathi at Divya Saketham in presence of Sri Swamiji.

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