It’s not easy to be so selfless and that’s exactly what makes ordinary men extraordinary. Life in the armed forces isn’t like any other. Serving in the armed forces is not a job, it’s a passion. It’s done for the pride and honor of the country. Every minute of freedom that we are enjoying is because of the selfless service they are doing at the border. The tragic news of the martyred soldiers that happened at Pulwama dist., Jammu, has shaken the entire country.

Mourning to this day,

Karimnagar Vedic students along with other organizations, NCC, students and community residents have participated in the rally organized by the police Department for the Martyred soldiers to rest in peace.

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Prajna Rajamahendri Apex EM school branch has paid their salutes with due respect to the deceased who sacrificed their lives for The Nation. Speaking to the Prajna students Padmavathi Ramanujam and staff have mentioned the greatness of the soldier life and their selfless service.

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