Vishnu Sahasranamam is an ancient, divine script written in Sanskrit and chanted stotra by Hindus. Vishnu Sahasranamam is 1000 names on Vishnu.While reading itself is very difficult, imagine kids chanting it fluently, memorizing and performing Avadhanam. Blooming the spirituality in the little hearts, Chennai JET has Celebrated the silver jubilee year by conducting  competitions in Vishnusahasranamam, Ashtakams, Yathiraja Vimsathi, Alwandra stotram, ramanuja nutrandadi, drawing competitions etc for children. The atmosphere was filled with divine fragrance of the kids dressed in ethnic wear and fluent chanting of slokas. Children from grades LKG to 12th about 1500 of them have gathered for two days to participate in the competitions conducted by JET.

On the occasion of the silver jubilee Chennai JET has introduced Vishnusahasranama Avadhanam where kids are asked to chant the slokas by numbers, starting names, ending names, star names, Chanting Sloka with arithmetical progress etc. 350 children participated for this Vishnusahasranamam sloka chanting and 15 participated in avadhanam. All have astonished the judges with their amazing knowledge and skill on Vishnusahasranam. 500 children participated in drawing and 360 participated in ashtakam and sloka competitions.

Speaking to the crowd, Sriman Ravindra raddy Garu , JET Organizer and Head, said that he is with the blessing of  HH Swamiji,  every year student participation is increasing more than they have anticipated which is encouraging the team to conduct more of such activities.

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Chennai JET celebrates silver Jubilee

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