Hayagriva Jayanti is an important festival celebrated in honor of the birthday of Lord Hayagriva.Observed on the full moon day of Sravana Month, the festival is celebrated with great importance by student community.It is said that worshiping Lord Hayagriva on Hayagriva Jayanthi will bestow success in all deeds. It is said Lord Vishnu took Hayagriva avatar to retrieve Vedas from the hands of Rakshasas Madhu and Kaitabha.The demons stolen the Vedas from Lord Brahma and kept it deep under the water. To recover Vedas from evil hands Brahma dev went for the help of Lord Vishnu.  Thus Maha Vishnu manifested as Lord Hyagriva and recovered Vedas by killing the demon Rakshas Madhu and Kaitabha.

On this occasion, Sanskrit teacher of Gautham school Jagayyapet along with VT member has celebrated the day by performing the Ashtothara and Archana of Lord Hayagriva by the students at the school. Sanskrit teacher Srimati M.Aruna has spoke the importance of Lord Hayagriva incarnation and how it is important for the students.

It is believed that one who chants the Hayagriva strotras daily will become successful and able overcome from all difficulties.

Jyananadamayam Devam
Nirmala Spatikakrutim
Aadaram Sarpavidyanam
Hayagriva Mupasmahe

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