May 14th, 2015

Vikasa Tarangini Volunteers Start Distributing Tents in Nepal. Blankets reached Sunauli- border of Nepal


Tents reached Nepal a couple of days ago. Today they started going around places to distribute the tents.  Yesterday and day before yesterday, the Vikasa Tarangini volunteers in Nepal segregated and rearranged the packages to meet the local needs of the disaster affected victims. Originally, each package had 3 sheets – one measuring  12 X18 and two 12 X 9 feet. The volunteers repackaged them into two packs, one having 12 X 18 tent and the other pack having 2 sheets each 12 X 9 feet. Each family is given one of the two packages.

In Nanglibari – remote area near Kathmandu, our Vikasa Tarangini volunteers gave tents to 180 families.

In Patapa, the tents were distributed to 66 families.  In Kabhrepalanchowk district, where 317 people died and 30,000 houses were damaged, Vikasa Tarangini volunteers identified 3 places – Shyampati, Khopasi and Datche and distributed 86 tents.

Currently our volunteers are in Dhungkharke and are identifying people to distribute the tents.

5000 Blankets which were procured from Panipat reached Sunauli, the border of Nepal. Our Vikasa Tarangini volunteers are receiving them and are charting out a plan to send them to Kathmandu by tonight. Abhaya Foundation from Hyderabad took the responsibility to order the blankets from Panipat to Sinauli. The blankets will reach Kathmandu by tonight and will be distributed along with tents to the victims.

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