Jai Srimannarayana!
As per spiritual activity, JET Nepal had organised a Mass Chanting of Vishnusahashra on 13th July for the” Uttam Gati” of the souls those who departed from this earth due to devastating  earthquake on 25th Apr  and 12th May 2015 in Nepal.  Mass Chanting of Vishnusahashra  was organised  in the area of Darahara, the historical monument of Nepal which was collapsed  by the earthquake taking more than 100 lives. In the Mass Chanting of Vishnusahashra  more than 700 persons have chanted  and more than 10000 people have participated in the program.
They have also organised a blood donation program on 11 July, which was continuing since past years.
One organisation Named “Shiker Nepal ” affiliated with Nepal Television  has conferred “Samman” to JET Nepal Vikasa Tarangini  for its dedication to the relief activities to the earth quake victims of   the various districts of Nepal.

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