The JET Nepal  committee is working hard to maintain the quality of the work in relief activities.

The rebuilding work of NANDI Madhyamika Vidyalaya is in progress. The committee was advised by HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji to ensure that the classrooms are equipped well with needed facilities like boards, shelves, power fixations etc. This school is being constructed as part of Vikasatarangini Seva Relief Activities project when Nepal was hit by 7.9 magnitude earthquake with reports of collapsed buildings in Kathmandu and strong tremors felt across the Himalayan nation. Immediate relief materials, tents for temporary shelter, blankets were provided to the victims.

As part of phase 2, construction activities were taken up. Building of School , few houses are part of this phase. More information about the activities by Vikasatarangini Seva, Vikasatarangini India and Vikasatarangini Nepal can be seen here.