Vikasa Tarangini (VT) is a non-profit service organization established in 1992 by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Amongst many services that the volunteers extend, women health is one of the key focus areas. After all, ‘When a woman is healthy and happy, her family can rise up to meet its purpose.’ Right?

Since 2007, a total of 863 women health camps were conducted to raise awareness on abnormalities (cancerous). 100 to 150 women utilise the services in each camp. Based on the initial findings through simple VIA test (free of cost but equally effective when compared to Pap smear test that is usually prescribed in hospitals), examiners recommend a follow-up approach.

In a country like Bharath (India), women are quite sensitive and are not too open to get their health checked regularly. Volunteers make massive efforts in educating women about the lifestyle choices and how they affect overall health.

Today, being World Cancer Day – we need to take a pledge and strive towards pain-free state for women suffering from these cancers. When they can make right lifestyle choices, the entire family can benefit.

People question, ‘Why should a Swamiji get involved in such service activities? Why can’t Swamiji just limit my time in giving discourses on spiritual scriptures, and performing prayers, yajnas etc.’ Vedas clearly state that God exists in two forms:

  • an invisible form (i.e. cannot be seen)
  • a visible form (i.e. all that is perceived through sensory organs)

When one part of that visible form is in pain, can we choose to ignore that and only keep offering flowers to the pain-free part of God? Imagine you have a friend who has his legs hurt, and all you say to him is ‘I really care for you, let me go and get you some nice fragrant flowers to offer to your feet’. How does it feel to your friend? Does the care we are offering soothe him/her?

Lord Sri Hari did the exact same thing to Gajendra (if you are all familiar with Gajendra Mokham). The elephant was in pain for thousands of years. He was bathing in water, and a crocodile’s sharp teeth caught his leg. The leg was bleeding, all the efforts of the elephant went futile. Finally, the elephant screams for help to the ‘moola (the root cause)’ of the entire existence. He wanted to offer garland and flowers to that great cause and feel relieved from the pain. Sri Hari appeared in front of the elephant, and slowly relieved his leg from the clutches of the crocodile. The pace with which Sri Hari relieved the elephant from pain shows the ultimate compassion one can shower.

Sandhana Karani – First phase included a surgical activity with Sudarsana chakra where the broken bones were brought together.

Vishyalya Karani – Second phase included a task where the flesh, tendons, and tissues are repaired and rejuvenated. Any small unwanted material left over from the repair work is all cleaned and pushed out of the system.

Sanjeevani Karani – Third phase included giving a new life to Gajendra, the Elephant for an energetic and joyful state

After these three are achieved, the Sri Hari was ready to accept the garland and flowers that the elephant wanted to offer. So, lets work on the care and warmth that a suffering being needs. The prayers to the Supreme should be done to seek his support in making His hurting parts free from pain.

Smt. Madhavi and Sriman Ravindra have put in extra ordinary efforts in getting these camps structured, organised and conducted every day. Their experience paved way to inventing a new and improved version of Colposcope that is 4 times more efficient and 4 times cheaper than the one the industry currently uses! Hats off to them!

Swamiji stressed the importance of young women being aware of the current issues in health and promoting, participating, volunteering in these aspects (at Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science).

Three Important Recommendations to follow consciously:

1. Include physical exercise as part of your daily routine (it wasn’t a thing to worry about in olden days as the daily work at homes included heavy physical activity)

2. Please eat mother cooked homemade food with natural ingredients (avoid outside food completely)

3. Do not use plastic containers (especially refrigerated food stored in plastic containers – or even otherwise refrigerated food at all, make fresh food everyday)

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 3rd and 4th Feb 2019
– Part of World Cancer Day Events, VT

Swamiji congratulated all the supporters, donors, volunteers from across the world (USA, Australia, UK) who have been contributing their time and money in supporting these camps.

A three-day event series included a mega health camp at Shad Nagar on 2nd Feb, a workshop with senior medical officers, doctors from Omega and other centres (on 3rd Feb) followed by an awareness health education camp at Narayanamma Womens College, Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) on 4th Feb 2019.

Click below for Cancer camps conducted in various places:

Shadnagar, Jagarlamudi and Srikakulam